Brisbane Cleveland Raby Bay

Cleveland / Raby Bay (2 min walk from train station)

On-Site Course times (practical training, theory exam & practical assessments):


Wednesday Thursday Fridays Saturdays & Sundays
Boat Only 7am - approximately 1.00pm  See Boat Licence for more information
Boat & Jetski 7am -  approximately 1.00pm See same day boat and jetski licence for more information
Jetski Only 12 Noon - approximately 2.00pm See Jetski licence for more information


(N.B.  Jetski ONLY - must already hold a Boat Licence)
If you do not already have a Boat Licence, we offer SAME DAY Boat & Jetski Licensing.



Public Jetty

Raby Bay Harbour
Shore Street W
(two minute walk from train station)
0419 591 370